Bike Fix Station – What is it?

In May 2012 we received one of Mountain Equipment Coop’s Access and Activity grants so that we could sponsor a public bike fix stand and public bike pump to be installed where the Kate Pace Way and Kinsman bike path meet.

Biking is a great way to exercise while helping the environment. Simply taking your bike instead of driving places will reduce your carbon emissions and prevent run off and water contamination from gas and oil drops or spills. Biking will also improve your health and well-being!

With Greening Nipissing’s newly installed bike fix stations, you can drop in to easily tune-up your bikes, add air to your tires, or just stop by to get repair and maintenance information on your smartphone.

These two devices are up all summer long, free to use and super handy for the everyday cyclist to tighten a bolt on your brakes or put some more air in your tires!

How the Bike Fix Station Works

The bike fix station Public Work Stand is a repair stand built for the needs of the urban landscape. All of the bike fix station products are built to withstand the elements and misuse. Aircraft cable is used to permanently tether eight common bicycle tools to help riders get to their destination. An instructional label quickly indicates what the Public Work Stand is for and how to hang your bike from it.

Along with the tools, there is also a separate piece next to the tool stand that has a bicycle pump attached to it. The pump allows riders to fill their tires with air, or just add a small amount of air if needed.

Using the Bike Fix Station

In order to easily use the bike fix station, simply hang your bike on the main bar from the seat or top tube. This allows you to use both hands to fix parts of your bike while the bike itself remains steady on the stand.

Derek Larose created Greening Nipissing logo decal for the Bike Fix Station. His support in terms of donating his services as well as his friendly professional manner was greatly appreciated.

So now that you know how the station works, get out there and try it out! The first bike fix station is located at the corner of Memorial Drive and Stanley Street in North Bay, ON and is completely free for the public to use. Enjoy!

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The Tri started after the Schmidt family athletes attended a tri in Ottawa in the early 90's and came back to North Bay saying "We should do that here ". Enter Arne and Judy Schmidt and the North Bay Rotary Club and the first one sold out months ahead began with about 75 participants. The organization of it eventually switched to the Kiwanis Club, especially its triathlon members.

This weekend is a true, all-round community event which shows off North Bay's hospitality and unparalleled camaraderie. The support of local partners and the City of North Bay is second to none. All three of our triathlons meet the highest standard and are sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario.  

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